Monday, September 7, 2009


Meet Tucker! I had a short list of names including Spencer, Chase, Ross and Tucker, and you know which one stuck. He tucks himself into my lap for naps, tucks his head under my chin for lovin, and has tucked himself permanently into my heart. This little guy, at not quite five months, has brought a tremendous amount of joy back to my days. As you can see, he loves to help me scrapbook as well, he has a real eye for paper! heehee


  1. Awe c'mon Aimee tell the truth you just liked my sons name & that's how you chose the name-ROFL!! Cute kitty gladd to see you have a little friend again!

  2. This is how I name my cats too. You have to get to know them first. Of course then there was the only one my husband named.