Sunday, April 25, 2010

Similar Love Languages

Mom and Anderson's "love language" is so very similar. I read the book by that name several years ago and it still comes to memory when associating with people. My love language is affection and Michael is wonderful at supplying that for me. I'm one of those people who automatically hug you. Michael's is food and one of the reasons I've learned to love to cook. Mom and Anderson's love language is Gifts. They both flourish when you buy them something tangible. They have an incredible bond and I think part of it is because the "get" each other. Pick up the book sometime and see if you can't get some insight into your families dynamics.

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  1. Hi my friend!! I have read this book as well and loved learning about my family and friends through it... I am words of affirmation if I remember correctly, that is one right? LOL!! It's been a while. This LO is gorgeous!! I love the colors and pearls and the overall design is fantastic!