Friday, August 14, 2009

Together Always , you & me

It's not our anniversary or anything, it's our everyday love language. We so rarely get photos of us together that I jumped at the chance to get Anderson to snap these at Easter. Yes, I can still climb a tree at forty three! I know part of our purpose here is to be an example of the love God has planned for each of us in marriage. We aren't the norm, we understand, God has given us an extraordinary gift in the love we've found together. It's not always easy but it's deep down for all our lives. We pray over our marriage both together and separately every day and it's been an amazing journey thus far. Michael's been out of work for seven months, I'm self employed on straight commission but through all of this our love is stronger and we are learning to trust the Lord more. I'm not sharing this to gloat but give God the glory for all his goodness and faithfulness.

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