Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goodbye sweet Tuck!

It's been a hard week! Monday, in fact, was crushing. My baby boy was inches from our drive way but died anyway. I never heard squealing car tires, no one stopped, I just happened to spot him while walking through the front of the house. I ran out the door calling him all the way, but he was already gone.His little collar was about 8 inches from him so I picked it up to keep it. I carried him back in the woods to bury him by Allie wailing all the way. So, to my neighbors, I'm sorry if I disturbed you that morning.

In my pain, I'm still celebrating what a cool, sweet cat he was and I can only ascertain that God gave him to me because he knew I'd love him for as long as he was here. So here's to Tuck Everlasting, Ken-Tuck-y, Tuck tuck and Lincoln (because that's the county he where he was rescued)the coolest, sweetest cat we've ever had the pleasure of owning! Rest sweetly!

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