Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Little local Flavor

A little local flavor for you from Jenni Bowlin. It was one of the last layouts I did for one of my local stores. I haven't scrapbooked for 2 1/2 years.... Life, four surgeries between hubby and I, his brother with a pancreatic cancer diagnosis(thank God, he's still with us almost three years later) and a host of other family crisis left me without my normal joy and I walked away from the craft I'd loved for twelve years.

Last month I told hubby I needed to decide whether this really was a way of life for me or if it was time to let it all go and say a final farewell. It only took about an hour before I was completely enamored again. So, I'll be posting some older material until I've gotten back into full swing. I appreciate any and all of you who may still be around. I will try to post once a week starting off. Next month I'll be editing and re-designing my page to better reflect the current trends and my love of DIY Crafts, DIY Party and Home Decor projects and of course my beloved papercrafting. Be blessed and happy crafting! 

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